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Kitchen cabinets Pretoria I am a one man operation, If you are in a hurry or want a team of people to walk in and out on the same day, I suggest trying a bigger company. I do everything myself from loading and unloading to inserting the final screw. I take longer than big companies, I do better work than most because I check every single screw, every single nail myself.

Pretoria Kitchens is a full service cabinetry company, My field of specialization is wood, from carpentry to cabinet making. If it's wood I do it. I design, manufacture and install kitchens, built in cupboards, free standing and fitted furniture. Here at Pretoria Kitchens I pride myself on my ability to meet the needs of my clients by being flexible and designing exactly what the client wants.

Pretoria Kitchen Renovations

I renovate kitchens in Pretoria, Renovation can be done in a number of different ways, from replacing tops and doors to respraying existing kitchen units or handpainting them. I will advise you whether your kitchen can be renovated so as to stretch your budget. I will renovate your kitchen using existing cabinetry, only, if it is salvageable and will be good for years to come. Generally when I do budget kitchen renovations, I replace sink units because they are normally water damaged. New tops and doors can make a kitchen look brand new, adding a unit or two and moving them around is also done.

Kitchen design, Pretoria

I also do complete redesign of kitchens, including new kitchen units, tiling, plumbing and painting. Talk to me about your specific needs and desires. I will design the kitchen using 3D design software so that you can get a good idea of what your kitchen will look like when it is installed. You receive along with your quote an image or two of the 3d kitchen design without measurements. If you require the kitchen plan and measurements a design fee will be charged, This will be deducted from the quote on acceptance.

Pretoria Built in Cupboards

I design and install Built in Cupboards in Pretoria along with fitted or free standing furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, home offices, Man Caves and pubs. Our built in cupboards are available in a wide range of finishes that are hand crafted and finished by me. I do not employ labour from street corners or Hardware parking lots, We do everything myself from design to final snags.

Furniture repairs and restoration

From broken antique to masterpiece, chairs, tables, cabinets, kists and more restored, repaired and renewed. We have repaired tables broken by movers looking like a pile of firewood, repaired an antique wardrobe by replacing termite damaged shelving drawers and a non existent back. It is important to me that antiques survive and are restored retaining the character and patina built up over the years, I also repair broken chairs and will make sure that they can survive for another 50 years.

Pretoria Kitchens manufacture and install kitchens in solid wood, melamine and painted finishes Pretoria Kitchen Design
Manufacture and installation of built in cupboards in Pretoria, Gauteng Built in Cupboards Pretoria
The Pretoria Cabinet maker works with board products and solid wood. I make kitchen units and built in cupboards and other fitted or custom furniture Pretoria Cabinet maker
Why Pretoria Kitchens is the right choice for your wood working project Why Pretoria Kitchens
Wooden Door repair by Pretoria Carpenter, Sill replacement Budget Under R 5000 Time 1 Day Wooden Door repair, Pretoria
Furniture and antique restoration and repair done by me on site or off site depending on the project Furniture Restoration, Pretoria
I manufacture furniture to order to your design or mine. I have built everything from Tables and benches to cabinets for storing patio furniture. Bespoke furniture manufacture
Restoring antiques is not just a matter of sanding and revarnishing, sometimes there are broken pieces that need replacement Antique Furniture Restoration Restoration
Discussion about the various types of door supplied for Kitchen units in Pretoria Different door styles for your kitchen


Pretoria Kitchens build custom melamine kitchens to suit all budgets. Kitchens
We do free quotes and 3d Design of kitchens and other furniture. 3D Design
Bedrooms, Built in Cupboards, Pretoria-Kitchens design supply and install BICs Built in Cabinetry

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My address is here for information only, Do not just arrive, make an appointment, Chances are, I won't be in because I am almost always on site during business hours. I do not answer my door or phone for business on weekends or in my time off. I work really hard when I am working and need time to switch off. I don't have a showroom at this address

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