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Restoring antiques is not just a matter of sanding and revarnishing, sometimes there are broken pieces that need replacement, Matching 50 year old wood can be very difficult to do for two reasons, Wood darkens with age and some timber types are just not available, This is when using something similar and stains come into play, this is an art form we have mastered.

Some of the furniture that comes to me has been repaired previously and not always skilfully, A case that comes to mind was a chair that was brought to me, it had become very rickety, On inspection we found a manufacturers stamp and the date of manufacture, The chair was made in the UK in 1904, At some point in it's history of 108 years someone had done a repair with a threaded bar and some nuts, I carefully disassembled the chair and reglued all the joints, repairing one and when I reassembled I put back the threaded bar.

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Antique Furniture Restoration for the sake of value

In my mind this was part of the chairs history and needed to be retained. Antiques have more than just monetary value, I have repaired and restored furniture for people because it had sentimental value, I have repaired and restored furniture bought on auction because the new owner fell in love with it, I once was on an auction where a piece was sold that was used in a workshop, it was soaked with motor oil and dented and scuffed beyond any form of repair, yet the two bidders fought one another till the piece was sold for way beyond what I would consider a reasonable bid, so some pieces are about emotional value, and some pieces have historic significance like a 108 year old antique chair found in a "buitekamer" of a house recently purchased.

To me every piece has value and nothing gladdens me more than restoring the beauty of a piece that was considered beyond repair. Before you throw out grandmas chair, call me, let me have a look, In the very worst case scenario, I will take it awy for you and reuse the wood for something else. Right now I have some chair legs that I will be using to make a coffee table with, because the chairs are beyond repair, but the front legs that are estimated to be somewhere between 40 and 50 years old can make a nice table with a great back story.

This Imbuia cupboard pictured here came to me without an interior, base or back. Termites had been at the cupboard and ate everything except the Imbuia. We did some looking around and found a similar wardrobe to see what the interior should have looked like, As we are not able to source "box wood" as my Dad called it, we used pine. The client was very pleased as he thought it was a chuck away job.

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from Villieria Guy recently finished redoing our kitchen cupboards. He has amazing ideas and worked within the constraints of our budget! He does all the work himself and I couldn't have asked for better quality carpentry! Thanks Guy, we love the kitchen!


from Lynnwood Manor Very professional and friendly service at a reasonable price. Workplace left clean after work done. On time delivery and very good quality


from Kilner Park Guy installed a new kitchen for me, He also enclosed my geyser with a unit that makes it accessible without taking everything apart. He took longer than he thought he would but the workmanship was great.

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