Bathroom Cabinet replacement Lynnwood

Replacement of water damaged bathroom cabinet in Lynnwood. Zuretha and Evert from Lynnwood called me with a problem, Their bathroom had flooded and the cabinet was falling apart. I arrived to find a bathroom cabinet with flaking and peeling melamine, falling to pieces as we watched. I measured up, delivered the quote and was given the go ahead,

Bathroom Cabinet replacement, Pretoria

Along with the replacement cabinet I also replaced the doors on another cabinet in the second bathroom, I also repaired a wonky table by regluing all the joints and clamping it in my trusty strap clamps. I am happy to repost that the oak table is as sturdy as on the day it was bought again. Another little thing we did for Zuretha was repair a cupboard door in the lodgers flat that had broken out. I drilled a new hole for the hinge and moved it a few mm's.

At Pretoria Kitchens we offer a range of services from repairing and replacing broken hinges to Kitchen design and renovation to home owners in Pretoria Central, The Moot and Pretoria East. .

Bathroom Cabinet prior to replacing doors
Bathroom Cabinet before I replaced the doors
Bathroom Cabinet after replacing doors
After fitment of replacement doors.

Bathroom Cabinet prior to replacing doors
Lynnwood, Pretoria ensuite bathroom cabinet before we stripped it out

Bathroom Cabinet stripped for replacement
Lynnwood, Pretoria ensuite bathroom cabinet after I stripped it out

Bathroom Cabinet Carcass installed
Bathroom Cabinet Installation in Lynnwood Pretoria East

Bathroom Cabinet almost complete
I fitted a few tiles to finish off the edges, fitted the kick plate properly and sealed all the edges after this image was taken

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from Kilner Park Guy installed a new kitchen for me, He also enclosed my geyser with a unit that makes it accessible without taking everything apart. He took longer than he thought he would but the workmanship was great.


from Villieria Guy recently finished redoing our kitchen cupboards. He has amazing ideas and worked within the constraints of our budget! He does all the work himself and I couldn't have asked for better quality carpentry! Thanks Guy, we love the kitchen!


from Lynnwood Ridge Thanks for your time and effort at our house, with the replacement of the bathroom cabinets.It looks lovely, and the colour you recommended, is doing something for the bathroom. Thanks for your patience, with all the requests I had.

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