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Melawood by PG Bison: Melamine colour range, Pretoria

2019-09-12 16:05:08

Kitchen built using Melawood Melamine.Melamine faced chipboard is most commonly used for kitchen units and bedrooms. This type of board was developed in the 1970's. Melamine is a printed surface laminated on a substrate, most commonly chipboard. MDF or Supawood is also used for Melamine boards but the cost of Supawood boards is higher than chipboard. More 95% of carcasses built in South Africa during 2019 and 2020 will be made with Super White Melamine.

Best Melamine for kitchen units

Modular cabinets made with Melamine are usually built with sides, shelves and rails. The only component not made with Melamine would be the back which is made with primed Masonite or Supawood. The two components of any cabinet are the carcass and the faces. Carcasses are the parts that cannot be seen when the unit is in place and closed. Most kitchen designers will only face cabinet sides if they are going to be visible.
Melawood Summer Oak Melawood kitchen cupboards

Super white Melamine is the go to budget option for faces. Super White Melamine is no better or worse than any other colour Melamine in terms of longevity and strength.

Chipboard is the go to material for Melamine boards

Chipboard has improved over thast 40 years but still has much the same disadvantages. Water and chipboard are not friends and the vast majority of damage to kitchens is caused by water or steam. I have seen 30 year old Melamine kitchens that still look reasonably good, The fact is that most kitchens that are 30 years old or more tend to look tatty.

Melamine is available from two main manufacturers in South Africa, Melawood® and Novoboard® are the two main brands. Melawood is manufactured by PG Bison and Novoboard by Sonae previously Sappi Novoboard®. In terms of quality, there is no real difference. The colour range from both differ but they have something to offer that makes the ranges not entirely dissimilar. Melawood® will as an example have a colour called Windsor Cherry and Novoboard® Cherry Royale. The two colours differ marginally but not so much that the untrained eye will be able to identify them when faced with the two in different kitchens.

Melawood Harvard Cherry Melamine drawers

Melawood® were the first suppliers of Melamine in SA. Feel free to browse the Melawood® range of Melamine below. Melawood® has four different colour ranges. MelaWood® is available in four surface finishes: Peen (a textured, stipple), Ashwood (an embossed, woodgrain), Linear (a deep textured, straight wood grain) and Natural Touch (a luxurious, smooth matt). A perfect solid surface material to complete any task.

Melawood is light and water resistant, this does not translate into water proof. The hygienic surfaces are easy to clean.

At Pretoria Kitchens and Bedrooms we design, create and install Melawood Kitchen Cupboards and Melawood Bedroom Cupboards.

Choosing colours can be difficult with the vast range available, my advice is eliminate the ones you like least and continue eliminating till you find the one. You can always be daring and choose two.

Melawood Value range

The value range has something for every possible space, Some of these colours have gained popularity over the years and hark back to simpler times.

Melawood Value African Wenge Melamine Melawood Value American Walnut Melamine

Melawood Value Black Cherry Melamine Melawood Value Brookhill Melamine

Melawood Value Burgan Mahogany Melamine Melawood Value Cadbury Oak Melamine

Melawood Value Etimo Melamine Melawood Value Harvard Cherry Melamine

Melawood Value Haven Melamine Melawood Value Maidenwood Melamine

Melawood Value Natural Oak Melamine Melawood Value Shale Oak Melamine

Melawood Value Summer Oak Melamine Melawood Value Vancouver Maple Melamine

Melawood Value Windsor Cherry Melamine Melawood Value Vancouver Maple Melamine

Melawood Accent range

These are the solid colours, for the less complicated and minimalist looks, Combined with boards from the other ranges these colours can accent, contrast or highlight features. You can mix and match to create your very own living space.
Melawood Accent Cuppacino Melamine Melawood Accent Espresso Melamine

Melawood Accent Folkstone Grey Melamine Melawood Accent Iceberg White Melamine

Melawood Accent Storm Grey Melamine Melawood Accent Super Black Melamine

Melawood Accent Super White Melamine Melawood Accent Congo Melamine

Melawood Accent Petrol Blue Melamine Melawood Accent Petrol Blue Melamine

Melawood Demand range

Demand the latest in fashion, These timeless wood finishes can only make your project look fantastic.

Melawood Demand Cannero Melamine Melawood Demand Coimbra Melamine

Melawood Demand Esparanza Oak Melamine Melawood Demand Lanza Oak Melamine

Melawood Demand Monument Oak Melamine Melawood Demand Normandy Melamine

Melawood Demand Arden Melamine Melawood Demand Vardo Melamine

Melawood Demand Camden Melamine Melawood Demand Greythorne Melamine

Melawood Demand Vence Melamine Melawood Demand Verzasca Oak Melamine

Melawood Supamatt range

You don't like bling, but want something warm and luxurious? Then the Matt boards may be the answer.
Melawood Supamatt Iceberg White Melamine Melawood Supamatt Congo Melamine

Melawood Supamatt Folkstone Grey Melamine Melawood Supamatt Cuppacino Melamine

Melawood Supatexture range

Like it rustic, these boards feel like they look. The grain and roughness brings authenticity to your project.
Melawood SupaTexture Cambridge Melamine Melawood Supatexture Astana Melamine

Melawood SupaTexture Calais Melamine Melawood Supatexture Napoca Melamine

Melawood SupaTexture Treviso Melamine Melawood Supatexture Napoca Melamine

Melawood Supagloss range

The blingier the better, check out Supagloss melamine to make your design shine.
Melawood SupaGloss American Walnut Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Candy Red Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Cuppacino Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Coimbra Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Espresso Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Folkstone Grey Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Lime Green Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Summer White Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Petrol Blue Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Congo Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Super Black Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Iceberg White Melamine

Melawood SupaGloss Storm Grey Melamine Melawood SupaGloss Storm Grey Melamine

For more information about the Melawood range visit PG Bison

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