Plumbing leak repair in Doornpoort

Plumbing: Water leak repair.

I was called out to Doornpoort because a plumbing emergency had occurred, I arrived and found a puddle of water on the bricks, I removed a few bricks and checked the plumbing in the area of the puddle and found a burst galvanised pipe. Unscrewing the joint was nigh impossible because of a connection to a PVC pipe about 10cm from the break.

plumbing water leak Pretoriaplumbing leak repair

When originally fitted the PVC pipe had been threaded and it broke off at the thread. Not many people that do plumbing these days have access to dies. I have not needed them since the 80's. Galvanised piping is still available but copper is a whole lot easier and more convenient. I normally solder but in this case decided to use Conex (Brass Compression) fittings. I also needed to resolve the issue of fitting a 25mm pipe into a 22mm compression fitting.

Fortunately the PVC was thick walled so could be sanded down a little and then forced into the compression fitting.

The customer also had a problem with vanishing water pressure. A quick look at the pressure valve told me that it had been installed back to front, The water was flowing against the valves direction, marked clearly on the valve. Apparently another plumber had been there recently to fix a blocked drain and had reversed the valve when resolving a leak at the valve. I assume he left the installation of this to his helper or wasn't a very good plumber.

plumbing pressure valve

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