Pretoria Cabinet maker

For manufacture of wooden cabinets, furniture and wooden goods. The Pretoria Cabinet maker works with board products and solid wood. Did you see something wood on pinterest or facebook and would like it in your home or office, the Pretoria cabinet maker will make it from the material of choice from melamine and supawood to exotic woods like mahogany and beech.

Cabinet maker Pretoria

The Pretoria Cabinet maker will manufacture custom cabinetry for all purposes, from storage in your garage to display units for your business. We can design something or work to your plan or sketch.

Pretoria cabinet maker

What is a cabinet maker

There are three main types of wood worker. The first is a carpenter, Carpentry is a real skill and focuses mainly on rough work like roofing, ceilings, skirtings and fitting doors. Carpenters are most often used in the building trade to do finishing in houses. Joiners can be described as wood machinists, but this would underestimate their skill set. They most commonly manufacture doors, frames and windows. Cabinet makers are the fine wood craftsmen that manufacture furniture and cabinetry, Cabinet makers work to a high standard and perfection is the goal.

Pretoria cabinet maker

Cabinet makers are becoming rarer because manufacturing with solid wood is a time consuming craft. In years gone by most furniture was made with solid wood, but in the modern age of instant gratification, melamine furniture and cabinetry is used 95% of the time.

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Customer Reviews


from Lynnwood Manor Very professional and friendly service at a reasonable price. Workplace left clean after work done. On time delivery and very good quality


from Villieria Guy recently finished redoing our kitchen cupboards. He has amazing ideas and worked within the constraints of our budget! He does all the work himself and I couldn't have asked for better quality carpentry! Thanks Guy, we love the kitchen!


from Kilner Park Guy installed a new kitchen for me, He also enclosed my geyser with a unit that makes it accessible without taking everything apart. He took longer than he thought he would but the workmanship was great.

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