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solid wood kitchens At Pretoria Kitchens we are manufacturers and installers of bespoke units to your design or ours

Pretoria Kitchen Design

Women are estimated to walk in excess of 5km a day in a badly designed kitchen. Pretoria Kitchen designer works within the triangles of design method, which eliminates unnecessary walking by grouping and planning the different areas within the zones they are most useful, In any Kitchen design there are four main zones, Pantry or storage, Preparation, Serving and Cleaning. Ensuring that these four zones are best placed within a kitchen solves this common fault.

Melamine Kitchens, Pretoria

At Pretoria Kitchens we most commonly build Melamine kitchens as this is the most cost effective way to decrease the cost of the kitchen being replaced. Melamine has a lifespan of 30 - 40 years as long as it is well cared for. Formica tops lifespan has been questionable because they are wont to get water logged around appliances and sinks. I have a solution to this issue as well. I have never been called back to replace a top near the sink after I use my waterproofing system to seal it thoroughly.

Pretoria Solid wood kitchens

Solid Wood kitchens are rarely all wood, because the carcasses are still built with melamine to save costs. For the person with an unlimited budget Solid wood carcasses are an option. We have in the past used plywood instead of melamine, This is more cost effective than solid wood with all the benefits of lamination included. Solid wood doors and side panels are added over Melamine carcasses to create Solid wood kitchens. We have as source for timber ranging from the ordinary every day like pine and saligna to the exotics like Ash and Beech. wood samples

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Customer Reviews


from Kilner Park Guy installed a new kitchen for me, He also enclosed my geyser with a unit that makes it accessible without taking everything apart. He took longer than he thought he would but the workmanship was great.


from Villieria Guy recently finished redoing our kitchen cupboards. He has amazing ideas and worked within the constraints of our budget! He does all the work himself and I couldn't have asked for better quality carpentry! Thanks Guy, we love the kitchen!


from Lynnwood Manor Very professional and friendly service at a reasonable price. Workplace left clean after work done. On time delivery and very good quality

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