Restoration in Pretoria

At Pretoria Kitchens we restore and repair antiques and solid wood furniture in any condition, We have repaired an antique wardrobe that had lost most of it's interior and back to termites, We saved the wardrobe by replacing the back and recreating the interior with solid wood. Te imbuia cupnoard is now good for another 70 years or more.

Antique Restoration in Pretoria

We will restore antiques retaining the patina, If they have been repaired at some point in the past, we will not remove the signs of that repair, It is our opinion, that the botch jobs like the bolt that had been added to a 105 year old chair, added to the chairs history, destroying history is wrong, We knew the chair was 105 years old because a stamp with the date of manufacture was on the underside of the chair, Provenance is important to antique collectors and anything that helps identify the date of manufacture should not be tampered with.

Furniture repairs in Pretoria

Sometimes we are approached to repair furniture, We will not attempt a repair if there is no benefit to doing the repair, for instance if you have an old piece that was made with chipboard and veneers, we will not try and repair it because it would be prohibitively costly to do so, We will happily repair anything that is solid wood, like the table we repaired that arrived as a pile of firewood and a table top. After sorting out the components I was able to save the legs and most of the frame, with an additional piece of Oregon pine, some dowels and glue, we were able to put the table back together.

We repair any and all solid wood furniture and will reupholster dining chairs, but do not do upholstery of sofas and couches.

Riempie repairs in Pretoria.

Riempie chairs are always popular, riempies being tanned leather, will wear out. We replace riempies with traditional Kudu skin riempies sourced from our supplier in the Northern Cape. Traditional riempies are still the best option for this type of furniture.

Wood Maintenance in Pretoria

We do all kinds of wood maintenance to doors, windows and other woodwork around the home, We have repaired sliding door frames with collapsed sills, repaired broken doors, and will make your sash windows work again.

Customer Reviews


from Kilner Park Guy installed a new kitchen for me, He also enclosed my geyser with a unit that makes it accessible without taking everything apart. He took longer than he thought he would but the workmanship was great.


from Rietondale Thank you SOOOO much for our beautiful kitchen :) We love it. It looks old-style but still modern and nice, exactly what we wanted.

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Furniture and antique restoration and repair done by me on site or off site depending on the project Furniture Restoration, Pretoria
As long as it is real wood, we will repair, restain and restore the furniture Pretoria Furniture repairs


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