Designer Kitchens in Pretoria

From high tech to farmhouse kitchens, custom design, manufacture and intallation. from Melamine to solid wood finishes.

Concept Kitchens

We are a detail oriented designer kitchen and built in cupboard design company that offer service in all suburbs of Pretoria and Centurion.

Pretoria Kitchen design and Installation

Pretoria Kitchen Company, Concept Kitchens has an excess of 30 years of experience in the Kitchen and Built in cupboard industry.
Pretoria kitchen units

Designer Kitchens in Pretoria

When we meet, we will discuss designing your kitchen and how to think about work flow. A badly laid out kitchen can lead to the Chef walking 10 - 15kms a day I once read, There are a number of schools of thought on kitchen design, starting with the triangles, the zones and C.R.A.P. I will show you how important all of these things are when planning your kitchen.

Managing your project is very important especially if you are working on a budget, what comes first, when does the electrician come in? Who is doing the gas, and the plumbing, When should you tile and are there alternatives to tiles that are great to use in a kitchen, How many plugs is too many?
Pretoria kitchen units
I do a 3d design of every kitchen so you can see what you get, There are two options when I quote, 1) You pay nothing, you get a 3d drawing without measurements. 2) You pay for the design and get drawings and all measurements including a materials list you can use to get quotes that are using identical specifications. If you are into DIY, I can supply cutting and edging lists as well at a fee. To read more about 3d design click here.

Pretoria Kitchens and materials used

Carcasses are usually built with white Melamine in modern kitchens, Kitchen carcasses are made with side panels, shelves, and rails. You will then use primed Masonite or a coated MDF (Supawood) for the back. I have used alternatives in the past including spray painting Supawood, or pine plywood. Both of these options add substantially to the price and make no difference to the longevity of the units if properly cared for. All of these products can be damaged by water. Modern carcasses can also be built with folkstone grey melamine for that unique look.

To find out more about the kitchen units we offer click here.

Faces are the sides that are visible when all installation is complete and appliances are fitted. This also includes filler panels, light rails and scochures. I like to make these from the same material as the doors. For more information and to view the color charts click here
Pretoria wood kitchensPretoria melamine kitchen units
Kitchens can be made with a range of different finishes and materials, The three main types of material used are Melamine, Solid wood and MDF (Supawood)

The five main types of counter top are Formica, Natural Stone, Man made stone, Concrete and Solid wood.

For all the information about counter tops including colour charts, click here

Formica is a laminate with a wide range of finishes and textures on a chipboard substrate, You can also order it on an MDF substrate, but the difference in price makes it uneconomical, the benefits are way less value than the cost.

Granite is my least favourite material as this is a non renewable resource, every bit of granite that is in a kitchen was once part of a mountain that no longer exists. Granite looks pretty but has been known to crack and cannot be repaired.

Cement tops are being made more popular in the USA because making a mould is quite easy, however the hardeners and aggregates they use allowing them to make tops are not readily available here. Concrete tops that can be made here must be built in situation and the slabs are usually pretty thick at 70mm plus.
Wood kitchen units Pretoria
The downside of concrete tops is you will be without a kitchen for two weeks while your tops are curing.

Pretoria kitchen hardware

There are many options available and there are catalogues full of kitchen hardware that kitchen designers should be actively discouraged from using.

Corner unit lazy Susans, sound great in theory, until something falls off the back end of it and jams up the works. Many a carpenter has been heard cursing under his breath while dismantling a lazy Susan to remove an offending bag of flour or Tupperware lid, jammed in a corner.

Anything fitted to doors that is not a hinge or a handle. Heavy loads on hinges not designed for carrying lots of weight causes hinges to fail, hinges to tear out of carcasses and doors falling off.

Bin cut outs in tops are just yuck, These are unhygienic and really don’t do the job you want them to do.

If I am putting kick plates in I will use plastic adjustable feet, if not I will use stainless steel feet because they look nicer.

Pretoria Kitchens: Hinges, If you read nothing else read this

Modern kitchens are built using concealed hinges, These require a 35mm pothole drilled for them on the door. I see many kitchens where the installer/manufacturer choose to install fewer hinges than are recommended by the manufacturers of the hinges. I have found very little difference in longevity between the cheap hinges and the more expensive ones. I like the ones with the four hole mounting plate more than the two hole ones though.
Pretoria built in CupboardsPretoria melamine cupboards
Built in Cupboards Pretoria
Many kitchen installers will save a few rand by skimping on hinges. I have seen way too many kitchens with sagging doors and even worse doors breaking out of the carcasses because too few hinges have been used. I like happy customers so, never skimp on hinges. Check your kitchen installers knowledge by asking him what the specified number of hinges are supposed to be on a cabinet door.

Hinges are available in soft close, touch to open and standard. Use of the fancy hinges will affect the price of the installation, but they are so much nicer.

Just so that you know, The specifications laid down by Grass and Blum (The leaders in cabinet hardware) are as follows.

Standard doors (720mm) 2 hinges
Tall wall unit doors (1080 mm) 3 hinges
Grocery cupboard (1920 mm) 4 hinges
Full height doors (2250mm) 5 hinges

Pretoria Kitchens: Drawer runners

Drawer runners come in two basic types, the roller type runners and the extendible runners which run on ball bearings. I use the extendible runners exclusively because the last longer and carry more weight. You can also get self closing and push to open drawer runners at a price.

Pretoria Kitchens: Handles

When I quote I base my quotes on a standard handle price. The handle I include is a stainless steel bar handle. I have catalogues full of handles and will happily exchange your handles for anything in the same price range at no cost. If you choose a more expensive handle, there will be a cost difference. I will quote for the changes separately.

Appliances and Pretoria Kitchens

I am unable to compete with the big name stores, therefore I recommend that the client purchases their own appliances. We supply sinks and standard mixers if they are being changed.